About Us

Nicole Maurer


Right now, Creme Confectionery is a team of just one — me! Many of you know that I have been baking allergen-free goods since 2016 when I was diagnosed with celiac disease, but I’ve been working at an oven a lot longer. After graduating from John Folse Culinary Institute in 2009, I baked for many years at various places in the New Orleans area, including The New Orleans Country Club, the WWII Museum, and Swiss Confectionery. My professional baking background laid the necessary groundwork for me to be able to re-tool the traditional pastries I was familiar with as versions accessible to people with food allergies. But y’all, it was HARD!  What you see on my site today reflects years of trial and error, many sleepless nights, and, as my husband says, “an unwavering tenacity.” I want the allergy community to be able eat as well as everyone else, so I put in the work. 


As you may notice, things are Creme Confectionery move a little slower than other businesses. There are a lot of hats I have to wear! Because of how many allergies we accommodate for, I currently work with 15 specialty flours (not even counting the other specialty ingredients), and I weekly visit 6 grocery stores to acquire the products I need. Then, I head back to my dedicated gluten-free home kitchen where all the magic happens — in my two ovens! Somehow amidst this, I find time to play in the backyard with my dogs, Bella and George, and spend time with my husband, Kyle, and keep our yard looking pretty for home pickups. I’m not baking (which is rarely, it seems), I like adult coloring books and puzzles — anything where I can zone out. I also love to eat out, which y’all know can be difficult with celiac disease. 


There is no way I could be where I am today without the support of all you wonderful people. Thanks for your orders. Thanks for your encouragement. Thanks for sharing life with me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.