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Is everything you bake gluten free?

Yes. Everything Creme Confectionery produces is gluten free and celiac-safe.


Is your kitchen free of gluten cross-contamination or cross-contact?

Yes. Since I (Nicole) was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2016, the Creme Confectionery kitchen has been maintained a gluten free kitchen environment; therefore, there is no gluten present to risk cross-contact with.


What other allergies do you cater to?

We offer many allergy-friendly items. Please note that not every item can be made to accommodate every allergy (check the product listing), but we are equipped to bake items that are free from: dairy, egg, oats, nuts, coconut, corn and soy. Many of our items can also be made vegan. We do not currently nor do we plan to make any sugar free baked goods. 


Do you make wedding cakes?

We do! If you are interested in a wedding cake consult, please email us at cremeconfectionery@gmail.com. We will respond with a Google form that we need you to fill out no later than 90 days prior to the wedding date. On this form, you can request a tasting and let us know which cake options you would like to sample. When you fill out the form, your tasting will be scheduled at least 14 days later so that we have time to prepare all your options. We do have delivery options for wedding cakes if your venue is within two hours by care from Metairie, LA. 


Do you ship?

No, unfortunately the cost of shipping is rising and there are too many variables that cause issue. We will no longer ship king cakes or any items.


Do you deliver?

We do have delivery options for wedding cake orders (see above). We can deliver locally depending on the situation and if our schedule is available (fee will be assessed based on distance). If you are visiting New Orleans from out of town, you can inquire about delivery to downtown New Orleans. Please note: We offer downtown delivery on a case-by-case basis and only on orders of $100+. If you are visiting town and would like to be considered for delivery, please email us at cremeconfectionery@gmail.com at least 3 weeks before you would like your order. A delivery fee will be assessed based on where you need the delivery to be made to.


Do you offer samples or tastings? 

Samples and/or tastings are only available as part of a wedding consultation order. 


How many days in advance do I need to order?

All orders require 5 days minimum advance notice. During some holidays where we have more orders than usual, you may need to order more than 5 days in advance. Weekday orders are now available on our website. If you are needing a larger cake than what is currently available please email me at cremeconfectionery@gmail.com. Holiday orders can be placed through our website, which will show you which pickup dates are currently available. If the website does not allow you to choose a particular pickup date, it means that we are full or not offering pickups that day.


I selected Venmo as my payment, does it automatically go through?

No, Venmo is a third party app that requires you to make the payment through the app. My handle is NicoleBM.


What is your refund policy? 

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds or cancellations. If you have emergency or extenuating circumstances where you cannot fulfill your end of the order, please email us at cremeconfectionery@gmail.com. We may be able to issue a partial refund on a case-by-case basis. If you are issued a special refund, it will have any credit card fees we have paid and ingredient restocking fees subtracted from it. For all intents and purposes, please consider us as not offering refunds or cancellations. 


Do you have a retail space or brick and mortar location?

No. We do not currently have a commercial space. All baking is done from a home kitchen. Some of our products are available throughout the year at other retail businesses. When we make a drop off at a retail business, we always post on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so follow us there if you’d like to know where we are dropping off and when. We also occasionally do pop-ups and appear at farmer’s markets, both of which are also announced on our social media. 


Where are you located?

Our home bakery is located in Metairie, LA (70003). The pickup address will be provided to you in your confirmation email once your order has been placed.


What are the procedures for picking up my order?

Your order confirmation email will indicate the date and time of your pickup, as well as the pickup address and a contact phone number. Please save this date and time on your calendar. The confirmation email with your pickup address go out automatically at the time of your order. If you do not receive the email within ten minutes of placing your order, please check your spam. 


When you arrive at your allotted time, you will find your order in the fridge located on my porch. You no longer need to text when you arrive. You can simply walk up and grab. your order. If we have made other arrangements please follow those pick up instructions. Additionally, pickups are in a neighborhood environment, so please be a good neighbor and do not: block driveways or sidewalks, park in driveways, drive dangerously, or honk. And please, please, if you happen to arrive in the area early, find a nearby coffee shop or fast food place to hang out at. We’ve had complaints from neighbors about suspicious vehicles idling, and we wouldn’t someone to call the police on you. We are in a neighborhood; we rather like our neighbors; and we want them to like us, too, so that we can keep baking you delicious yummies!


What are your pick up times?

 With the new compact fridge I have on my porch pick up times are a little more flexible. Week day pick ups are porch pick up ONLY. I will have your order out at 9 am and can be picked up at your convenience that day. If you need it earlier in the morning arrangements can be made according. Saturday pick ups are 9 am or 10 am for all custom orders. These times are specific, if you do not pick up at your allotted time I will place your order in my compact fridge and your order will change to porch pick up.


What is your email policy?

We are a very small family business, and every moment we spend “at the computer” reduces the number of delicious baked goods we can prepare for you. We strive to answer all relevant emails within 3-4 business days. Since we send out an order confirmation email, it is our policy not to answer emails asking when your order will be ready. It is also our policy not to answer emails asking questions that are answered in this FAQ page. If you have a concern or a question about our processes, please feel free to email us, but otherwise, please respect our time and yours by referring to the confirmation email we have already sent you indicating your pickup time as well as this FAQ page. 

I’m looking for something that I don’t see on your website, are you able to bake that for me?

Possibly! Please email cremeconfectionery@gmail.com if you are looking for something that is not regularly available. My goal is to make all of your gluten free dreams come true!


Beignet FAQs

Yes, we now (sometimes) offer gluten free beignets. There are also free-from wheat, oats, egg, milk/dairy, and soy. 

✨ Beignets are only be available at onsite popups, which will be announced in advance (i.e. festivals, farmer’s markets, art markets, bars, etc). I love y’all, but please don’t email or DM me asking if you can get these at other times or asking me when the next one is. When I have a date set to fry these delicious dough babies, you will be the first to know if you follow me on my socials. 

✨ Beignets are cooked to order, so plan to wait 5-8 minutes for your beignets after placing your order. Patience is a virtue and gets you access to hot, fried dough covered in sugar. 

✨ Due to pre-making the dough and cooking onsite, I will not be able to make any additional allergy modifications for the beignets. 

✨ We do sell out at almost every pop-up, so the earlier you can arrive, the better chance you get of scoring some of the beignets.

✨ No pre-orders or holds! First come (in person), first served. 

We accept cash and Venmo (NicoleBM) ONLY.